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Exclusive partner of Singapore YFE Clark Express Pte Ltd., we carry billion books all over the world every year. We take charge in customs brokerage for furniture corporations in tallying, classifying and repackaging the cargoes in Vietnam bonded warehouses.

With our experience in international ocean freight, we not only meet the international and domestic cargo needs, but also provide friendly, reliable service. The clear information is the decisive factor in our reputation for international ocean freight services.

With many decades of experience in the field of shipping, air freight and logistics services, our knowledge of maritime transportation will provide our customers with the best services and goods. Goods will be guaranteed and delivered on time.

International maritime shipping services are departed weekly, so customers who wish to transport domestic goods internationally and vice versa will have the practical benefits of fast shipping. Besides, the schedule will be flexible according to the requirements of customers, this will make customers extremely convenient when the need to deliver and receive goods at the request of partners. For more information contact us at: Email:

AST VIET NAM is booking agent of shipping lines: